PJ5/SP6EQZ, PJ5/SP6IXF (2011)

Dates: 2011.10.20 – 2011.11.03

Target: St. Eustatius

Team Members: SP6EQZ, SP6IXF

Info: After the DXpedition organized last in 2010 Janusz SP6IXF and Włodek SP6EQZ decided to visit St. Eustatius again in 2011. They were active on all HF bands (160 – 10m). They were active as PJ5/SP6EQZ and PJ5/SP6IXF. Janusz SP6IXF participated CQW DX SSB Contest as PJ5/SO6X.

Results: over 30.600 QSOs. (CW, SSB, RTTY; 160 – 6m) 

QSL Info: via home calls and CLubLog OQRS (PJ5/SP6EQZ QSL requestPJ5/SP6IXF QSL request).


Institutional: SP DX Club.

Individuals: HB9CWA, IK7YZG, JA1BK, JA1GCA, K3RYA, SP1NY.

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