LX8M (2008)

Rembering successful operation as LX5A in 2003 some members that operation decided to organize another contest activity from Luxembourg. In 2008 it was decided to visit this beautiful country in November to participate the CW part of the CQ WW DX Contest. After some time the composition of the personnel was formed: SP5HNK, SP5OXJ, SP5UAF and SQ6MS.

We were in touch with Joel LX1ER and we asked him for help. He suggested a perfect contest location.

Some weeks before the contest Joel informed us that a group of German HAMs asked him and they had exactly the same idea as our Polish team. Joel suggested to join the two teams and organize joint contest DXpedition. This is how we (DL5SE, DK4WD, DK8FD, SP5HNK, SP5OXJ, SP5UAF and SQ6MS) met a week before the contest in the QTH which was located near the city of Vianden.

It was really great experience as we had to build the station from scratch. All team mebers were totally devoted to the CQWW competition so the cooperation was really perfect. It also turned to be very, very friendly operation and all of us had great time.

Thanks to Joel LX1ER we could use the contest call LX8M. The contest entry was counted for the Bavarian Contest Club – Joel and most of DL team were members of the BCC.

The operation was a success thanks to Joel LX1ER and Bart LX2HB who gave us a lot of help during the preparation. It would be not possible without their support.

The next year (2009) on the HAM Radio Friedrichshafen, during the tradditional Bavarian Contest Club Buffet our LX8M operation received the title of BCC contest DXpedition of the year.

The detailed story of our LX8M operation, in Polish can be found at: http://contest.dxing.pl/contest-abc/c_hist/lx8m-cqww-dx-cw-2018/

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