This idea of dxing.pl is a coincidence. Many years ago I registered the dxing.pl domain. It was dedicated to HAM radio aspects, not only DXing. Soon after that my friend from Wrocław, Janusz SP6IXF, asked me to build a website for the Polish DXpedition to Namibia (2005).

Next years brought many DXpeditions of Janusz SP6IXF and Włodek SP6EQZ. They always asked me to build a website for their DXpeditions. It was always my pleasure to help my friends. In that way many subdomains of dxing.pl appeared. In the meantime some other HAM radio websites also found place at dxing.pl.

So finally dxing.pl is a place dedicated to Polish dxpeditions – of course not all of them: they are mostly dxpeditions organized by the SP6IXF/SP6EQZ Team and also some other activities (websites of some of them were transferred to dxing.pl when original websites expired). There are also some other HAM radio projects located at dxing.pl.

Since the begining the idea is a non-profit activity dedicated to my HAM radio friends.